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Written off and reformed: addict turned artist had his life transformed by a bolt of lightning

A Welsh bricklayer is convinced a flash of lightning transformed his life and turned him from a recovering addict into an unusual artist.

Lawrence Linciano had never created any sort of art or writings, but says after his unusual experience on Bideford Quay, inspiration for all remarkable manner of quirky artworks seemed to burst from him.

Just two examples of the self-trained artist's work include taking a crow skeleton, painting it with stone chip and a few other embellishments - call it 'Stone the Crows'.

Paint a fox skeleton gold, pair it with a piece of driftwood that looks like a leaping fox and add chains.

Masks, 3D paintings - three saws in a maritime scene become 'Saw Fish' - these are just a fraction of the artwork collection built up by Lawrence, not to mention a swathe of sculpture, drawings, poetry and spoken word pieces.

He describes his work as 'written off and reformed', drawing parallels with his own journey to remake himself.

His art has now caught the attention of Appledore Cottages owner Danielle Hartwright, who has provided the artist with space to display his work for the first time.

Visitors to the properties at 7 Myrtle Street are welcome to view the artwork by arrangement with Danielle.

Plus there is an open house exhibiting Lawrence's Art for Appledore Summer Festival on Saturday and Sunday, July 27-28, as well as another during Appledore Book Festival from September 20-28.

It is hoped that at some point in the future a suitably large venue can be found to display some of the huge art collection in a public exhibition - Lawrence would welcome any gallery or venue that would be interest in promoting and exhibiting his artwork (see below for details).

A British Welsh Italian, Lawrence came to North Devon 10 years ago to attend rehab for a class A drug addiction.

He said: "I was sent there for six months and during that time I was cleaned up and have never touched drugs since.

"The art came from when I went for a walk in a storm and was blinded by a lightning flash - after that I started doing art and writing poetry. I had never written a poem in my life but it was like it opened something up.

"I'm not a trained artist and I am not a fine artist. I can draw a bit but what I do is a one off. It had never been my intention to do it but it has built up and people said I need an exhibition to show it all off."

To find out more about Lawrence and his work, visit or if you would like to view the works in Appledore, call Danielle on 01237 475189 or email

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