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This is a place where I find


The sticks become art projects,

I’m the invisible King of the

River and woods

Surrounded by my subjects

Please listen to my Poetry on SoundCloud

related to the original art pieces


VENI VIDI VICI MMlX MIA STATA LIBERATA SONO LIBERO. >>> I have knowledge OF knowledge I think therefore I AM. I came eye saw I conquered in 2009 I was set free, I AM FREE.

This is the beginning of the new times >>> . ROMAN.


Noesis Noeseos Cogito Ergo sum

Veni Vidi Vici MMlX

Mia stata liberata

Sono libero.

I WOKE UP one morning,

As the new day was dawning.

I get dressed, it's a new day

I felt humbled and blessed.

I look through the window to see what eye can see,

A raging storm

Was on a heading >>> towards me.

I leave my room,

I hear a noise a big loud 🔊 BOOM!

I go down stairs I step outside,

There are elements in the air

2 different worlds are about to collide.

I stayed calm, I said GOD DAMN!

Then came the wind and then came the rain,

In 28 minutes time

My life would never be the same again.

I hit the road I headed for town,

Rain on my face

My head bowed down.

Then I look to the skies and what a surprise a magnificent rainbow 🌈

A thousand feet high.

It sprung from left to right over the river,

Made my spine tingle and shiver.

It touched the Earth side to side,

To my delight

I could not hide.

The colours were so bright and clear,

I reached up and touched it

As it was so close and near.

Then as it faded away,

I thought to myself

What a brilliant start to the day.

I kept walking along singing a song

Hoping that this day belong.

Then all of a sudden there's a big flash of light,

I was actually blinded

I closed my eyes tight.

I thought again what's happened here,

There was no speed camera near.

There were cars going past,

They weren't travelling fast.

So what could it be?

I was shocked

The storm was chasing me.

An event on the Earth's horizon took place,

As I stopped and wondered

A thunder ⚡ bolt 🔩 lit up my face.

By JUPITER by lighting eye was struck,

And it wasn't by luck.

It was the right time the right place,

The storm knew

Who to chase.

My eyes were flashed my pupils were slashed as the thunder and lighting around me clashed.

It's a date I'll always remember,

2009 AD

Second of December.

And now I AM the anointed christ of paradise no longer lost.

As I alone walk upon this Earth's ground,

By the Gods of ancient Rome

I have been blessed and found.

My journey to the afterlife has been signed and sealed,

Enter the Welsh Red Dragon new times Roman

Flaming through the star 🌟 studded gates of the elysium field.

For on that glorious Victorius stormy morning in England my soul was set 🆓,

By the mother of invention when she took a film 🎥 rolling thunder lightning ⚡ speed flash 📸 camera panoramic supersonic flash bang mother fucking photograph of me. Ad astra to the stars eye can see, I'm on destiny's course to fulfil a written off prophecy. P S please stop it was a pleasure shock. As she come so quick she gave me a kiss and a squeeze, now only for my beautiful GODDESS I will bow my head and fall to my knees. Hallelujah 🙌 it's Godmother.


Champion of Wales​

Henry the 5th The Warrior King of England

Born in Wales,

Set off to France

With Ships and Sails.

With Brave Men they marched through France,

With Bows and Arrors

Horses amd Lance.

They Marched for months they were on their knees,

Lost many men through illness and disease

As they fought their way through France

Led by shining crescent of the Welsh Fleur De Lys wzzz

But when they arrived at Agincourt,

The men were tired

They could march no more.

So they set up a camp in the cold wet and damp,

The dark knight before the battle

Hari dressed as a tramp.

He wanted to see if the men were still loyal,

Would they fight

for a Welsh/English King Royal.

And he wasn't disappointed,

There arrows were sharp

Ready and time pointed.

The Battle was on St. Crispin's Day,

And Hari did say

That he proudly wore a Leek

On St David's Day.

Then as the new sun rose,

Hari's rag tag army stood firm

Shoulder to Soldier toes to foes

Henry the 5th

Spread out like an English Rose.

As the French Army massed

Their numbers grew,

but Hari showed no fear

He was with his band of brothers

They were the happy few.

They dug in a trench,

and faced the French.

Outnumbered 6/1,

The Battle begun.

As the Welsh Archers strained upon the start,

they were about to rout

and rip the French apart.

Like Dragons roaring at the sticks,

Pulling back long bows

the strong arms and twisted hips.

The game was afoot,

The France Cavalry was about to be carved up

Shot in the foot.

Then upon the Charge their arrows were set free,

in the year 14/15 it was to be

A most famous English + Welsh Victory.

The French advanced in haste,

Many lives they would soon waste.

In a narrow field they were penned,

Thousands of French lives

Came to a bloody end.

Once more! to breach their friends once more! and we'll build a wall with our brothers that lay dead,

This is it over the top show no mercy

Like mad men facing a sea of blood red.

in the Year 1415

Then rising and charging from a deep cut gorge,

They cried for Hari of Wales

England and Saint George.

Game on for the band of brothers on the run,

Men at arms man at war

The man slaughter and royal murder had begun.

As all the French King's men

were knocked off their prancing horse,

After a direct hit from an archway of storming arrows

Was the key and direction to seal the Battles fatal course.

For there lay Princes dying and crying next to their whole riddled page,

With no time to pray they lost the day

On a sacrificial mind altered stage.

The fallen ones were departed and dis-membered where they fell,

After the hard rain of burning arrows

That blacked out the sun

Were unleashed from a frozen hell.

Chasing and tasting death for victory,

To be not to be

The final chapter for this new times old shakes fear story.

Then as the screams and smell of death lingered,

ENDTIME for the old antique French King

He was dusted and finished

he 2 fingered.

Game over for the French they had to yield,

Famous English/Welsh Victory

As they were given time to withdraw

Their fallen ranks from the blood soaked soil

Of the murdering Earth killing field.

This once great army took a terrible slaughter,

now Hari was the one

Who demanded a ransom

He wanted the French King's Daughter.

And until Hari of wales saw Catherine of France

He would not leave,

Although he was a brutal king warrior

He wore his kind heart on his sleeve.

And so a meeting was set,

for a meeting of minds

Where about to be met.

And when Hari saw her his heart she did snatch,

As they played a game of tennis

They were a perfect pair

They were a LOVE match.

And they married after a wild romance,

For a new history in the making

When a Welshman became King of England and of France.

Diolch thank you oh MERCY1

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